• Name of the event: Steering Committee Meeting
  • Date: 28/07/2020
  • Location: Málaga, Spain

On 28.07.2020, the first international event of our Project Start and go! Social partners towards effective processes of establishing and managing EWCs, whose leader is the Federation of Trade Unions of Metalworkers and Steelworkers in Poland.
The partners of the project are representatives of employers and trade unions from the following countries: Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

Unfortunately, the pandemic did not allow some partners to participate physically in the meeting, therefore some of them participated online, but thanks to the modern technology and efficient technical service, the conference went smoothly.

After being welcomed to all partners, the leader presented the goals of the project, assumptions and planned activities. Then all participants introduced themselves and presented their organization.

The expert spoke in the debate, discussing the questionnaire that will allow for developing the assumptions for the research phase and the direction of activities in subsequent meetings to determine the creation of EWCs in plants that are multinational.

After the coffee break, there was a very long and substantive discussion and many questions were asked to you expert in connection with the survey, which is an important element of the project. After the discussion, everyone was presented with a schedule of activities provided for the project and the schedule of next meetings.