• Name of the event: Workshop II
  • Date: 13-14/07/2021
  • Location: Online

For two days, we have worked in a very complete and participatory way. The presentation of the Manual took place: “CEE of the future: tips and tricks to establish and manage CEE in the manufacturing sector”.

Directive 94/45 on European Works Councils is a historic opportunity to create or consolidate employee participation rights in decision-making in multinational companies operating in the European Union.

Before the workshops, surveys were conducted among Committee members, trade unionists, and worker representatives for the company’s employees and employers.

Almost all those interviewed were very concerned about the terrible crisis that was coming and admit that they have little or no confidence that governments will be effective in addressing the serious social and economic difficulties that can be expected in the coming months. The picture represented is uncertain and in many cases bleak. The Covid crisis has overwhelmed all predictions and plans for the future of society, in all European countries.

The unions emphasize that the fears are so strong that they have abandoned the traditional demands for job improvement, salary or social benefits to ask companies for a feasibility study to avoid massive layoffs or closures of work centers.

Meeting of 13.07.2021

Meeting of 14.07.2021